Xplor Heats Up Dallas

Dallas was cold, but the topics were hot at Xplor’s 18th annual document systems conference.

Have you gotten any advertising postcards in the mail lately? Any brochures or newsletters?

Bet you have. And I bet you tossed some of them with barely a glance.

But what if, during that glance, you spotted your name? And what if, instead of useless, generic topics, the copy was about one of your main interests? You’d read it, wouldn’t you?

We’re talking about targeted marketing, using variable data. It’s nothing new. Nothing profound. But it may be something you hadn’t thought your shop could provide.

Think again.

Marketers everywhere know the value of variable data in targeting their pieces. But if you don’t show the marketing folks in your organization how you can add variable data to their pieces, they won’t even consider you when choosing their print vendor.

And we all know where that will lead.

Variable printing, and how printers can provide it, was just one topic covered at the recent Xplor Global Electronic Document Systems Conference and Exhibit. In all, more than 300 educational sessions were offered at the Dallas event, which drew about 14,000 attendees from around the globe. The show included a 300,000-square-foot exhibit floor—about 15 percent larger than last year—along with 220 exhibitors, 23 more than last year.

Repeatedly, Xplor speakers stressed the importance of having a document strategy for your organization since, according to Xplor, documents cost American business up to 15 percent of corporate revenue. And document mismanagement claims up to 60 percent of workers’ time, accounting for 20 to 45 percent of labor costs.

Variable Printing Will Help You Grow

As part of their document strategy, in-plant managers should analyze the documents they produce, looking for ways to make them more effective. Variable printing is one such way.

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