Julie Greenbaum

Julie Greenbaum

Julie Greenbaum is the Digital Editor of Printing Impressions

Your Web-to-Print Strategy

Selecting and implementing an online storefront solution can be complicated. To help, we got several Web-to-print software providers and a consultant to offer advice.

Wide-Format Brings Big Improvements in San Bernardino

A “huge improvement” is how Anna Mendez would describe the new wide-format capabilities that San Bernardino Community College District Printing Services has gained since adding a new Mutoh ValueJet 1324 wide-format printer and cutter.

Room to Improve

Forget “the way we’ve always done things.” Focus on continuous improvement and Lean manufacturing to boost your operational efficiencies — and stay in business.

'Inventive' Printing Program

A unique high school graphic arts program uses a hands-on approach to familiarize students with all operations of a printing company.

UTHealth Brings Envelope Printing In-house

For decades, the idea of printing four-color envelopes was just a dream for Donna Horbelt. Then her in-plant at UTHealth installed a digital envelope printer and brought that dream to life.

How to Buy a Wide-Format Printer

Wide-format printing is a growing opportunity for in-plants. We asked three in-plant managers what steps they took prior to adding wide-format.

Need Skilled Workers? Check This Out

An extensive resource of schools throughout the country that offer post-secondary educational programs in graphic arts industry.

An Accidental Love of Printing

Through a chance encounter, Robbie Feazel found a career in printing. Now manager of Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta's in-plant, he’s been enjoying the ride ever since.

New Stitcher Boosts Efficiency at Ohio State

Starting at Ohio State University in 1997, and moving up to the position of plant manager at UniPrint was a welcome opportunity for Jim Strapp. Today, Strapp works with 38 employees along with 15 student helpers, to turn out printed materials for the Columbus, Ohio-based university — which has had a print shop since 1914.