Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry a Senior Editor at NAPCO Media and writes for In-plant Graphics, Printing Impressions and packagePRINTING.

In-plant Keeps Costs Cool for HVAC Manufacturer

When it’s not printing the manuals and wiring diagrams that support Lennox Industries’ heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, the manufacturing company’s in-plant looks for new ways to save money.

For University of Wisconsin, ‘The Proof Was in the Demos’

With the five-year lease on its Xerox Color 800i press coming to an end, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Print & Copy Services wanted to replace it with something that would deliver up-to-date performance. So the in-plant evaluated devices from four manufacturers and made some surprising discoveries.

Data Breach Prevention: What Have We Learned?

The message to managers of in-plants and enterprise MFP (multifunction printer) fleets is blunt: data breaches are a clear and present danger to every print-providing organization that handles information it is responsible for keeping confidential. The in-plant or fleet without a formal breach prevention program is at special risk, because the news on this front…

An Alignment of Interests

Spectronics’ in-plant takes the same engineering-oriented, problem-solving approach to its work as the manufacturing company it serves.

Printers Find Success in Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

If printers feel the chill of alienation instead of the warmth of recognition when they confront the concept of “omnichannel marketing,” they’re failing to appreciate their own stake in it. What printers do is integral to the success of omnichannel marketing campaigns - it can be indispensable, in fact, to getting them off the ground in the first place.

Why Yale Says 'Yes' to Apps and Epublications

Academic in-plants may produce a great deal of printed material, but printing isn’t all they do. Just ask Jason England, of Yale University, who says the mission of his in-plant is to “encompass more media than just print” - an objective that includes apps and epublications.

OU Puts Specialty Services on the Everyday Menu

In-plants ­prosper when the value they offer customers extends ­beyond print. Here’s how the ­University of ­Oklahoma’s in-plant has capitalized on the ­opportunity.

What Good Do In-plants Do? 'Plenty' Say IPMA Panelists

In-plants work hard, aim high and hit their marks to retain the loyalty of customers and the confidence of their organizations. At a session at PRINT 17 four in-plant managers described their newest services and detailed their upcoming plans.