Management Counts

Ray Chambers, CGCM, MBA, has invested over 30 years managing and directing printing plants, copy centers, mail centers and award-winning document management facilities in higher education and government.

Most recently, Chambers served as vice president and chief information officer at Juniata College. Chambers is currently a doctoral candidate studying Higher Education Administration at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU). His research interests include outsourcing in higher education and its impact on support services in higher education and managing support services. He also consults (Chambers Management Group) with leaders in both the public and private sectors to help them understand and improve in-plant printing and document services operations.

Ray Chambers explores how the desire to control the supply chain to meet business objectives led companies to create in-plants.

After a year of planning, the Association of College and University Printers conference is just over a week away.

Twenty years ago, HardCopy—the listserv for print professionals serving in the educational space—was born. Here’s the story.

In his new blog entry, Ray Chambers reveals why comparing prices with other in-plants may be of limited value.

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