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Management Counts

Management Counts

By Ray Chambers

About Ray

Ray Chambers, CGCM, MBA, has invested over 30 years managing and directing printing plants, copy centers, mail centers and award-winning document management facilities in higher education and government.

Most recently, Chambers served as vice president and chief information officer at Juniata College. Chambers is currently a doctoral candidate studying Higher Education Administration at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU). His research interests include outsourcing in higher education and its impact on support services in higher education and managing support services. He also consults (Chambers Management Group) with leaders in both the public and private sectors to help them understand and improve in-plant printing and document services operations.

My New Year’s Wishes

I wish there was a way to help in-plant managers see things from my perspective. I’ve worked on 50 or more projects over the past few years trying to help top management understand why they have an in-plant and why the in-plant really is “core” to whatever business they happen to be in.  Read More >>

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Reflections of a True Believer

In the days since the death of Apple's co-founder, a lot has been written on his vision, his genius, and how he changed the world. It’s all true. My relationship with Steve is much simpler and more personal. It’s really a relationship with an idea: The Mac.  Read More >>

Getting Respect from Commercial Printers

Why is it that sometimes in-plant printers can’t catch a break—at least, not from commercial printers? It seems like every time I talk to a commercial printer and the subjects of in-plants comes up, all I hear is negativity.  Read More >>

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How Important Should Price be in Choosing Any Printer?

A blog hosted by a well-known print periodical recently included a posting on why price should not be the sole criteria for choosing a printer. What’s the big deal? What if the print buyer is upper management, and the printer is the organization’s in-plant?  Read More >>

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Reflections on the UPMG Annual Conference

My wife Catherine and I recently returned from an incredible experience. We were invited to present at the annual University Print Managers’ Group (UPMG) conference in the U.K.  Read More >>

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