Fujifilm Graphic Systems U.S.A.

Graph Expo Closeup: Wide-format with the LED Advantage
September 14, 2011

IPG checked out some of the most innovative products at Graph Expo 2011. Here, Editor Bob Neubauer chats with Steve Cutler about the features of Fujifilm's Acuity LED 1600 wide-format printer. Its low-power-consumption LED imaging system can print three layers of ink in one pass.

Crowds Return to Graph Expo
November 1, 2010

Any in-plant manager lucky enough to be in Chicago last month for Graph Expo got to witness some significant developments in the world of graphic arts. Dubbed “The Inkjet Graph Expo” by some, the show featured more inkjet technology than most in-plant managers had ever seen in one place.

Graph Expo 2010: A Busy Show
October 20, 2010

The crowds returned to Graph Expo this year. Here's a look at what they saw, including the latest inkjet presses.

Crowds Return to Graph Expo
October 6, 2010

A year after the disappointing attendance levels of PRINT 09, this week's Graph Expo 2010 seemed like a real trade show again. The aisles were full of people, who massed around new products, and kept vendors busy with demos.

The Environmental Impact of a Printing Plate
September 1, 2010

All major plate suppliers have made great strides in reducing the amount of chemistry and waste required to process offset lithographic printing plates. Tat said, a number of claims are being made, and there is a great deal of confusing information. This report is an attempt to bring some clarity to the issue.

Managing Growing Volumes at Mary Kay Inc.
September 1, 2010

A sudden workload increase came when cosmetics company Mary Kay Inc. shifted the printing and folding of product inserts from outside printing suppliers to the company's in-plant facility in Carrollton, Texas. "It hit us like a ton of bricks" recalls Keith Hopson. "We didn't know it was coming until we were flooded with work."

Is Inkjet in Your Future?
September 1, 2010

One technology that may be finding a home on your shop floor is inkjet printing. If the hopes and dreams of equipment providers play out, full-color inkjet presses may soon coexist alongside offset and electrophotographic systems.

Ipex 2010 in Full Swing
May 21, 2010

The Ipex 2010 show, in Birmingham, UK, is in full swing right now. Many vendors are showing off new technology at the show, a lot of which uses ink-jet. For example, Xerox is previewing its high-speed production ink-jet technology, designed to produce high impact color on low cost papers. It is showing an ink-jet device using 56 durable piezo-electric, drop-on-demand print heads with more than 49,000 nozzles jetting nearly two billion ink drops per second. The printer produces more than 2,000 color images per minute.