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Contact Us

Most members of the In-Plant Graphics staff can be reached via regular mail at:

In-Plant Graphics
1500 Spring Garden Street, 12th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19130 USA.

You can also call or e-mail any staff member:

Bob Neubauer (bio)
(215) 238-5321

Associate Editor
Cory Francer
(215) 238-5379

Mike Hempstead
(413) 582-0476

Group Publisher
Mark Subers
(215) 238-5092

Senior Audience Development Manager
Carrianne Ramsey
(215) 238-5369

Marketing Manager
Alexander Schwartz
(215) 238-5306

Reprint Manager
Kathy Kling

Art Director
Frank Moore

Vice President, Data Intelligence
Valerie Tickle
(215) 238-5291

Group Production Director
Gina Montemurro
(215) 238-5098