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Finding Fulfillment

UNT Printing and Distribution Solutions October 2011

The deeper an in-plant can weave itself into the fabric of its parent organization, the better off it will be. Knowing this, some in-plants are...

Evaluating Web Platform Systems

May 1, 2010

So you're shopping around for vendors, software and services to replace your current Web platform. Several questions no doubt go through your mind. What are...

Single vs. Multisource Parcel Carrier Services

April 1, 2010

There is an age-old procurement debate over the merits of sourcing with a single supplier vs. multiple suppliers. In the world of parcel carrier services,...

Tips for Finding Third-Party Fulfillment

April 1, 2010

When it comes to order fulfillment and customer service, most multichannel marketers keep it inhouse. Just 20% use an outside service for fulfillment, according to...

Managing Your Fulfillment Folks

March 1, 2010

Labor costs have increased by 10% to 15% during the past five years, according to our research. But the measure of true productivity (units of...

Negotiating Parcel Contracts for 2010

March 1, 2010

With the 2010 FedEx and UPS general rate increases now implemented, many shippers are feeling the squeeze on their transportation dollars. Needless to say, improvements...

Transportation Rates and Services

February 1, 2010

Has your parcel carrier rep ever said that you have the best rates in his/her territory? That they can't believe their pricing department authorized pricing...

Reduce Your Material Handling Costs

December 1, 2009

An efficient operation isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity these days. In the fulfillment business, this means putting material handling processes under the microscope to...

Printing Beyond Borders

people to people-trio June 2009

PRESIDENT DWIGHT D. Eisenhower had a dream of developing a program that would promote international understanding and friendship. So in 1956, Eisenhower founded People to...

Mailing/Fulfillment Focus at Graph Expo

July 2007

Printers that are offering mail processing and fulfillment services, or are considering it, should make plans to attend Graph Expo in Chicago, September 9-12 (