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A New Rap for a New Era

KenMacro_Podium_Passportsize December 2013

Snoop Lion gets it. Lyrics from the rapper's songs were printed on 10-lb. onionskin with a perforation at the gutter and bound together with a...

Self-evaluation: Don't Hide From It

Ed_Daniel November 2013

For years we have heard that in-plants are being asked to make do with less. On the heels of this push for efficiency, some...

From the Editor: In-plants Everywhere

Bob Headshot October 2013

Anyone who thinks in-plants are in decline should have been tagging along with me the past two weeks. Between PRINT 13 and the Southeastern...

A Texas In-plant Roundup

1SUPDMC_room October 2013

Judging by the content of the sessions at last month's Southeastern University Printing and Digital Managers Conference (SUPDMC), the threat of outsourcing still weighs...

From the Editor: You're Valuable. Prove It

Bob Headshot September 2013

It's encouraging to read this month's cover story on Highmark Corporate Printing Services and see Manager Jeffrey Taranto say such things as "While in-plants...

Improving Your In-plant

Fenton-IPMA13 June 2013

C yclical and structural changes are reducing the demand for printed products. The cyclical changes are tied to the economy, while structural changes come...

From the Editor: Justifying Your Value

Bob Headshot April 2013

Last month I had an opportunity to moderate a web­inar on the topic "Justifying Your In-plant's Value in Tough Times." It's obviously an important...

Overcoming Outsourcing Threats

Larry-mills April 2013

T hings were going well for Larry Mills. Volumes were way up at his in-plant at Regional Health, in Rapid City, S.D.; company executives...

Justifying Your In-plant’s Value

March 2013

You know your in-plant provides a valuable, cost-saving service for your organization. But that won’t stop management from questioning the benefit of retaining you when...

Add Value, Secure Your Future

value-Charlotte1 March 2013

In-plants have introduced scores of new services in just the past two years, ranging from new types of printed products, like vehicle wraps, foil...