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Envelope Press Saves Time, Money for Ringling College

Chuck Brantley March 1, 2015

After crunching the numbers, Chuck Brantley says investing in a digital envelope press was a “no-brainer.” Ringling College of Art & Design was outsourcing its...

The Value of Sublimation

John Langan January 2015

Dye-sublimation printing is not exactly a "new" technology; it's been around in various forms since the early 1970s, and the basic process used today was...

Add Services, Add Value

Framing Mesa January 2015

All over the country, in-plants of every size are looking beyond traditional print services for additional lines of business that will endear them to their...

From the Editor: Under the Radar

Bob Headshot June 2014

I've heard the term "Under the Radar" a number of times over the years when speaking with in-plant managers. Often, it comes up after...

Entering the Third Dimension

3D-SD2 January 2014

Dave Hadenfeldt was running late. The IT department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) was holding a "listening session" for anyone interested in 3D...

From the Editor: 3D Printing at In-plants

Bob Headshot April 2014

When Ken Macro began listing some of the available, affordable 3D printing technologies during his keynote at last year's Association of College and University...

A New Rap for a New Era

KenMacro_Podium_Passportsize December 2013

Snoop Lion gets it. Lyrics from the rapper's songs were printed on 10-lb. onionskin with a perforation at the gutter and bound together with a...

Does 3D Printing Belong in the In-plant?

Jim_Corliss December 2013

As 3D printing technology becomes more accessible, in-plants are wondering whether adding this service might help them maintain relevance to the parent organization and...

Using His Noodle

UNH_Brandon_Paul November 2013

Paul Roberts thinks he may have found the next big thing for his in-plant: wallNOODLE. For the past couple of months, University of New Hampshire...

How to Shape Customer Perceptions

jsampson September 2013

T he in-pl ant customer can be an enigma—aware of the in-plant's existence while at the same time ignoring it entirely. More times than...