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Changing With the Times

JimmyVainstein-big December 2012

At the World Bank, we certainly needed to do some major adapting if we were to continue successfully serving our customers. Our main concern was...

The Latest Developments in Monitor Soft Proofing

Soft proofing Kodak Matchprint Virtual March 2010

MONITOR SOFT proofing allows many benefits in terms of time and convenience. With the current economic challenges, all printers must look at ways to increase...

HP's Real Objective

August 2009

When HP announced it was going to start providing "managed print services" and "offering outsourced alternatives," the natural reaction in the in-plant world was a...

Soft Proofing: Fact and Fiction

IPG1108_proofing November 2008

SOFT PROOFING seems to be causing at least some degree of discomfort in the in-plant world. Should we be offering it? How do we do...

IPG Prepress Guide: Proofing Systems

IPG0408_prepress_proofing April 2008

Eastman Kodak Kodak Approval NX thermal halftone proofer supports specialty, corporate and brand colors, including metallics. The system can control density, dot gain and print...

Trouble in Prepress

March 2008

Our latest in-plant prepress survey pulled in some very useful information. What’s more, I was impressed that 60 percent of those who responded chose to...

The Evolution of the Proof

IPG1107_proofing November 2007

TWENTY YEARS ago, professional proofing systems and materials represented a major capital investment that only large printing establishments could afford. Skilled employees were needed to...

Graph Expo: Front-end Ingenuity

IPG1007_GraphExpo-prepress October 2007

FROM WORKFLOW tools and variable data software to CTP and proofing technologies, Graph Expo had enough technology to make any in-plant manager’s head spin. Here...

NYU-SCPS and Cal Poly to Jointly Sponsor Seminar On Virtual Proofing

March 2007

Day-Long Seminar in New York Will Feature Presentations by Leading Experts on the Most Advanced Virtual Proofing Systems and Applications NEW YORK, NY and SAN...

EFI Premium Proofing Media Earns IDEAlliance’s SWOP and GRACoL Certifications

February 2007

Distributed by Chromaticity, EFI Validation 250 Premium Satin Awarded Industry’s “Gold Standard” for Ink Jet Proofing Media GRAND RAPIDS, MI/FOSTER CITY, CA—Feb. 26, 2007—Chromaticity, Inc.,...