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Does Your Team Work?

WesFriesen September 2014

For us fans of team sports, isn't it exciting to see our favorite teams blend their individual talents and abilities and achieve success as...

Print Management Adds Value in Torrance

Torrance July 2014

W hen Gerry Pinela took over as supervisor of Central Services for the City of Torrance, Calif., in June of 2007, the job submission...

IPMA Goes Full Throttle in Milwaukee

1IPMA_full_audience July 2014

D espite some chilly spring weather, Milwaukee gave a warm welcome to the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association last month. More than 130 in-plant...

Checklists: A Simple Tool with Complex Benefits

WesFriesen July 2014

L ooking for a simple tool that will drive your operation to higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness? The checklist may be what you...

A Healthy Transformation at OhioHealth

OhioHealth-Terry May 2014

A few years ago, veteran print manager Terry Oliver faced a situation familiar to many in-plants: an organizational review to justify the expense of...

Workflow Automation Smooths Production at California College

Gil Vanover January 2014

About five years ago, the San Joaquin Delta College Publication Center, in Stockton, Calif., retired its offset presses and moved to an all-digital production platform....

From the Editor: NGPA Reflections

Bob Headshot February 2014

I was still a youngster back in 1995 when I walked into my first National State Printing Association meeting in Kansas City. Sitting at...

Are You Connecting?

Wes Friesen Portland General Electric February 2014

H enry Kissinger once said, "The task of the leader is to get his/her people from where they are to where they have not...

From the Editor: The Power of Associations

Bob Headshot January 2014

I read a LinkedIn discussion last month questioning whether industry associations still provide any value in this interconnected age, where social media and video...

Top 10 Reasons In-plants Should Prioritize Workflow Automation

Kevin Horey January 2014

A s your customers ask for increasingly more of their jobs in smaller quantities, how are you managing the increased workload in prepress while...