New York at Christmas: A Tale of Four In-plants

New York at Christmas: A Tale of Four In-plants Image

IPG Editor Bob Neubauer traveled to New York last December to tour four in-plants: NBC, AXA Equitable, New York Presbyterian Hospital and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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  • http://TheresaHatcher Theresa Hatcher

    As usual, great job Bob! NYC is on my list of places to visit, especially at Christmas. Why is it that print shops are always in the basement?

  • http://RickWise Rick Wise

    Thanks for sharing Bob. NY at Christmas is very cool to see. And it is always useful to see busy in-plant operations!
    I hope you had good shoes on.

  • http://DavidMaloch David Maloch

    Thanks for the tour of NYC inplants. Impressive production and fun to watch.

  • http://AlanLee Alan Lee

    Great video, very informative. When your in the UK you must pop in to London South Bank University and see add our Printroom to your list.

  • http://JoeGoss Joe Goss

    Well done Bob….very interesting and the scenery is great.

  • http://JimLeake Jim Leake

    Hi Bob,

    Excellent video. I finally found some time to watch it during the week after Christmas.

    I would definitely watch future videos. I didn’t time it; however, my attention span is such that I would not have minded at all a longer video with some more information.

    It’s always interesting and encouraging to see where different in-plants are. As they are usually tucked away in the bowels of a building, it’s quite enlightening to see that they do exist and perform vital functions for their respective organizations.

    Jim Leake