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Free In-plant Luncheon at Graph Expo to Cover Web-to-print
Mike George   Web-to-print software can add new life to your in-plant, making it easier for customers to send you work and opening the doors to new business. But the process of acquiring and implementing it can seem daunting. To help you make sense of it all, Mike George, director of General Services for Villanova University, will relate his experiences with Web-to-print during a free IPG luncheon during Graph Expo, sponsored by Rochester Software Associates. more »
Some Questions are Threats in Disguise
Fenton   What are the questions that should be setting off those internal alarms for an in-plant manager? In a new article from NAPL senior consultant Howie Fenton, he explains how managers can be aware of these dangerous phrases and how they can be prepared to combat them. more »
Web-to-print: Most and Least Worthwhile Investment
Web-to-print is among the top four workflow software investments over the last three years, but in a recent survey, a number of companies claim it has been their least worthwhile investment. more »
Want to Remember Less? Use an E-Reader
A new study comparing e-reader users to readers of printed books reveals that the former are much worse at recalling when events occurred in a story. As reported in The Guardian, 50 readers participated in a study and were tasked with reading the same 28-page short story by Elizabeth George. Half read the story on a Kindle and half read a paperback. The readers were then tested on the objects, characters and settings from the story. more »
The State of the University Press
When Alison Mudditt took over as the new director of the University of California Press a little over three years ago, after spending nearly a quarter-century working in the scholarly publishing space for commercial houses like Blackwell and Taylor & Francis, to say she had her work cut out for her would be a tragic understatement more »
New Website Unifies Canon Solutions America Business Units
A new Website has been launched by Canon Solutions America, a subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., to advance the company’s digital outreach, and bring together all of the business units and shared services of the company, providing a consistent Web presence and enhanced customer experience. more »
Dscoop Honored with Gold Ink Awards
The Dscoop9 conference guide received a gold award in the Digital Printing – Variable Data and Personalization category, and a bronze award in the Magazines – Event Programs category, in the Printing Impressions magazine 2014 Gold Ink Awards printing contest. more »
Lean Printing: Cultural Imperatives for Success
Lean Printing: Cultural Imperatives for Success   There’s a reason so many printers are discovering and employing Lean practices in their day-to-day operations. Quite simply put—they work. Lean Printing: Cultural Imperatives for Success features advice on what it takes to achieve complete buy-in from the top of... more »
Printer's Guide to Waste Reduction
Printer's Guide to Waste Reduction   Learn how to get at the waste in all areas of your operation, involve your staff in a total workflow strategy for trimming waste, work with customers and suppliers for greater efficiency, and avoid predictable roadblocks.... more »

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