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ACUP: The Webinar

April 29, 2009
• Presented By: In-Plant Graphics
• Sponsored By: Avanti Computer Systems, HP, Oce North America, Presstek, Ricoh Corporation & Technifold USA
• Duration: 90 minutes

• Speakers: Richard Griffin, President, ACUP, and Director of Printing, Central Piedmont Community College; Dwayne Magee, Director, Messiah College Press; Lisa Hoover, Director of Administrative Services, Bucknell University; Rick Wise, Director of Printing Services, University of Missouri-Columbia; Tom Tozier, Director of Imaging Services, University of Colorado; Jennifer Bowers, Director of Printing, Mailing and Postal Services, Florida State University

• Moderator: Bob Neubauer, Editor, In-Plant Graphics

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Just because the ACUP conference isn't physically taking place this year doesn't mean you won't have access to the valuable educational sessions. In-Plant Graphics has teamed up with the Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) to produce a free webinar, featuring some of the very speakers who were scheduled to speak at ACUP.

Co-hosted by ACUP President Richard Griffin and In-Plant Graphics Editor Bob Neubauer, this webinar includes presentations by three in-plant managers giving slightly abbreviated versions of the sessions they created for ACUP. This is followed by a lively roundtable discussion by three past ACUP hosts.

Presentation topics include:

* Instilling Drive, Spirit and Enthusiasm in your Employees
We all want our in-plant team members to be highly motivated and satisfied with their jobs. This leads to outstanding work performance and low absenteeism. Dwayne Magee, director of the Messiah College Press, will explain how he is accomplishing this by helping employees find the connection between their work and the mission of the college.

* The Secret of Good Customer Service
Good customer service is memorable. But how do you ensure that your employees provide it? Richard Griffin, director of printing at Central Piedmont Community College, will reveal the skills and attitude that people must have to ensure good customer service. He will then show you how you can select people with those attributes.

* Rethinking Your In-plant's Role in the University
After a reorganization, Bucknell University Administrative Services was given responsibility for design and print production of all university publications. That decision was based on the in-plant's exceptional performance and ability to meet clients' needs. Administrative Services is now involved in developing communications strategies for the university. Lisa Hoover, Director of Administrative Services, will tell the full story of her in-plant's transition and explain how other in-plants can prepare so they don't miss opportunities like this.

* Past Presidents Roundtable
The hosts of three past ACUP conferences will participate in what promises to be a spirited roundtable discussion and reveal the latest developments at their in-plants. On the line will be Rick Wise (University of Missouri), Tom Tozier (University of Colorado) and Jennifer Bowers (Florida State University).

Join your ACUP friends for 90 minutes of education and conversation. Even though you can't attend ACUP this year, you can still get together with your colleagues on the Web.

Couldn't make it to the webinar on April 29? No problem! This webinar will be archived for at least 90 days after the live event. With your webinar registration, enjoy the ability to access this event on-demand as often as you'd like. Click here for information on all of our upcoming and archived webinars.

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