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Expert Tips on Building an In-Plant Workflow

September 19, 2012
• Presented By: In-Plant Graphics
• Sponsored By: Canon, U.S.A., Inc.
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Dave Douglas, Director Printing & Postal Services, Springfield College; Julie Ver Steegh, Sr. Graphics Designer, Musco Sports Lighting, LLC

• Moderator: Noel Ward, Managing Director, Brimstone Hill Associates

• Click Here: Expert Tips on Building an In-Plant Workflow

The typical in-plant print operation doesn't have the "luxuries" enjoyed by most commercial print shops. Many have small plants with little space for new equipment, and the layout makes moving documents cumbersome. Almost half have no online submission capabilities, and every job is needed yesterday. On top of that, in-plant managers face stringent financial constraints when seeking improvements.

In this webinar, in-plant managers from three different companies discuss key issues such as tuning shop capabilities to company needs, new equipment and software selection and cost-justifying technology investments.

View this hour-long session for expert advice about:
* selecting the best equipment for your needs
* revising shop layouts to reduce bottlenecks
* increasing automation to improve efficiency
* and the steps you need to take to increase the value your shop offers the company.

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