WSU Program Takes Top Prize

A program for a gala event honoring top university donors did more than impress benefactors. It won Washington State University the coveted Best of Show award for digitally printed pieces.

Holding up WSU’s Gold and Silver In-Print awards, along with the Best of Show trophy are (from left) Tim Clark, Alvin Yuen, Cherra Charlo, Christy Nowak, Catreas Mohr, Tricia Gash, Neil Johnson, Ken Sundvik, Dave Nowak and Brian Nicholson.

Showing off WSU's Best of Show award are (from left) Steve Rigby, Ken Sundvik, Dave Nowak and Neil Johnson.

At last month’s IPMA conference, Steve Rigby (center) accepted the Best of Show award from IPMA contest chairman Chris Anderson (left) and IPG Editor Bob Neubauer.