Printing Beyond Borders

As a provider of educational travel, 
People to People Ambassador Programs relies on its large in-plant to print and mail personalized messages to thousands of clients per year.

From the left: Paul Bruhn, Kristy Veale, Holly Hanna.

The in-plant moved into its 40,000-square-foot facility in April 2007.

Andrew Flake, graphic imaging technician, makes an adjustment on one of the in-plant’s three Xerox iGen3 digital presses.

Chuck Sloppy, lead print technician, runs envelopes on one of the ABDick presses.

Steve Caron, mail technician, unloads a sorter.

Brent Gilbreth, mail technician, runs one of the shop’s four intelligent inserters.

Tom Grant, print technician, loads envelopes into the Halm Jet Super-Jet envelope press.