A New Lease on Life

To increase efficiency and cut costs, Brown University carried out a full-scale reorganization of its Graphic Services department. After adding equipment, and cross-training staff, the Rhode Island in-plant is busier than ever.

Leslie Rutledge, director of Graphic Services at Brown University, goes over a proof with Jim Smith (left), plant manager, and James Watkins, DI press operator.

Matt Trahan, Indigo and DI press operator, inspects a print produced on the in-plant’s HP Indigo press 5000.

Brown University Graphic Services staff outside Manning Hall.

Since adding this Duplo System 5000 bookletmaker, the in-plant has been able to deliver higher-quality work at faster speeds. Operating it here is Kennedy Arias. In the background, Joe Volante takes finished books off the conveyor to box them for shipping.

Bob Yuski and Phoebe Pitassi