Document Destruction

Your organization is shredding tons of sensitive documents each year. You could be getting all that business, and increasing your value in the process.

CSUSB Printing Services employees stand with their new shredder. From left: Huan Tran, Laura Sicklesteel, Ernie Delgado, Emanuel Ortega, John Phipps, Cristina Tello and Emily Carnehl.

Getting into the shredding business was a good move for California State University, San Bernardino, Printing Services. Here, Michael Gulliory loads documents into the in-plant’s new MBM DestroyIt 5009 cross-cut shredder.

Eric Kennedy feeds documents into Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s Intimus Model 1650 cross-cut shredder.

Shredded material exits CSUSB’s new MBM DestroyIt 5009, never to be read again.