Government Printers Rendezvous in the Rockies

Government in-plants gathered in Denver last month for the NGPA 2012 conference.

Nearly 30 government attendees came to Denver for the 35th annual NGPA conference.

Left to right: Tim Smith (Wisconsin) and Debby Messina (Delaware) listen intently to a presentation.

Southern attendees compare notes during a member session. From left: Larry Dixon, Neal Hamilton and Doug Beckham (all from the Mississippi Joint Legislature) and Susie Barthel (Louisiana General Services Division).

Liz Vega of Xerox (right) moderates a panel. From left: IPG Editor Bob Neubauer; Colorado's Mike Lincoln, and NAPL consultant Howie Fenton.

On the final day of the conference, attendees visited the State of Colorado’s Integrated Document Services operation. Here, operator Mike Schaffer runs the in-plant’s Xerox Nuvera 288 as the group passes by.

Government printers from Mississippi, Alaska and Texas compare notes.

Chatting in the vendor area between sessions are (from left) Susie Barthel (Louisiana), Debby Messina (Delaware), Lise Melton (Iowa) and Liz Vega, of Xerox.

In his presentation, NAPL’s Howie Fenton recommended that managers monitor customers’ changing demands and shift their focus accordingly.

New NGPA officers were installed during the dinner gala. From left: new NGPA President Susie Barthel (Louisiana); John Wright (Alaska); Mike Lincoln (Colorado); Tim Smith (Wisconsin); and Ryan Betcher (Montana).

Alaska's John Wright introduces himself during the opening session.

Attendees talk at the lunch table.

On the last day of the conference, Chris Reich, CEO of TeachU, gave a popular presentation called “Using Game Theory to Make Effective Presentations.”

Consultant Vic Barkin talked about how in-plants can leverage partnerships with other in-plants and with vendors.