Inkjet to the Rescue

Inkjet technology is transforming in-plants like the World Bank Group's Printing & Multimedia Services operation, opening their doors to work they couldn't previously touch and letting them save the day in tight deadline situations.

Having an inkjet press has enabled the World Bank Group’s in-plant to print important publications for prestigious events under very tight deadlines, greatly increasing its value to the organization. Standing with the press are (from left) Ashley Childers, customer service representative; Jimmy Vainstein, senior project manager; and operator Jason Barrett, holding a copy of a recent high-profile book, “Voice and Agency.”

The inkjet production press has been a valuable addition to the World Bank Group’s in-plant, enabling the shop to transform itself from a printer of black-and-white operational documents into a full-color publication printer with growing volumes.

Wesley Troup, press technician, and Juan Arias, project coordinator, page through a proof of a book printed by the HP Inkjet T-230.

After their recent panel discussion, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton shakes hands with Isobel Coleman, senior fellow for U.S. foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, who is holding a copy of the book “Voice and Agency” printed by the in plant. Watching is Jeni Klugman, director of Gender and Development at the World Bank Group.

Jimmy Vainstein (center), senior project manager, holds a copy of the book “Voice and Agency” printed on the in-plant’s inkjet press. With him are (from left) Marlon Hyde, press technician; Jason Barrett, press unit lead; Wesley Troup, press technician;  Ashley Childers, customer service representative; Juan Arias, project coordinator; Antonino Smillo, bindery unit lead; and Kithsiri Wijedasa, prepress technician.

Standing near the new inkjet press in the World Bank’s expansive new print facility are Les Barker, Jimmy Vainstein and David Leonard.

Showing off the World Bank’s new inkjet press are David Leonard, Jimmy Vainstein and Les Barker.

Jason Barrett (left) and Jimmy Vainstein stand near The World Bank's new HP Inkjet T-230 production inkjet press.

Jimmy Vainstein (left), printing facility manager at The World Bank's Printing & Multimedia Services operation, and IPG Editor Bob Neubauer stand with the in-plant's new HP Inkjet T-230.

Standing with the new HP T230 Color Inkjet Web Press in World Bank’s Printing & Multimedia Services operation are (from left) Jason Barrett, Carl Amt (top), Marlon Hyde and Jimmy Vainstein.