Borderline Victory: DI Press Brings Work In-house

After staving off an outsourcing effort, Printing Services at the University of Texas-Pan American beefed up its operation with a direct imaging press and brought most of the university's printing back in-house.

Julian de la Garza and Robert Cantu inspect a sheet printed on the Presstek 34DI.

University of Texas-Pan American Printing Services staff show off their new Presstek 34DI press. From left: Julian de la Garza, Martin Gonzalez, Robert Cantu, David Clower and Raul Cabrera.

Raul Cabrera runs a job on the in-plant’s Xerox 4127 printer.

David Clower (left) and Robert Cantu inspect a poster being printed on the
in-plant’s Epson Stylus Pro GS6000.

Press Operator Martin Gonzalez inspects a sheet printed on the Presstek 34DI press.