From the Editor: NGPA Reflections

In-plant Graphics Editor Bob Neubauer

Liz Vega of Xerox (right) moderates a panel. From left: IPG Editor Bob Neubauer; Colorado's Mike Lincoln, and NAPL consultant Howie Fenton.

Attendees talk at the lunch table.

Nearly 30 government attendees came to Denver for the 35th annual NGPA conference.

New NGPA officers were installed during the dinner gala. From left: new NGPA President Susie Barthel (Louisiana); John Wright (Alaska); Mike Lincoln (Colorado); Tim Smith (Wisconsin); and Ryan Betcher (Montana).

Left to right: Tim Smith (Wisconsin) and Debby Messina (Delaware) listen intently to a presentation.

Lise Melton (right) swears in new NGPA officers, from left: Mike Lincoln (Colorado), Dan Brush (Vermont), Timothy Smith (Wisconsin), John Wright (Alaska), Susie Barthel (Louisiana) and Doug Beckham (Mississippi).

NGPA attendees pose on the porch of a Habitat for Humanity home the group visited.

John Wright (left), of Alaska’s Legislative Affairs Agency sits with Larry Dixon, of the Mississippi Joint Legislature.

The crowd at the NGPA opening ceremonies.

The NGPA board posed for a picture during the group's 2008 conference: Kevin Honkomp, Dan Swisher, Doug Beckham, Ragina Ostendorf and Richard Beto.

Lamar Evans and NGPA founder Don Bailey.

Don Bailey (left) at the 2006 conference in Rochester, NY.

Joe Tucker and Ronnie Fore at the 2005 conference.

Debby and Linda share a laugh in 2003.