‘No Problem’ Printing

With a can-do attitude and unwavering dedication, the United Federation of Teachers Printing and Mail Department turns out top-quality work—and never misses a deadline.

Inspecting a proof in the United Federation of Teachers’ Printing and Mail Department are (from left) Robert Mirabella, Deochand Seereram and Oscar Rivera.

From left: Louis Lopez, Oscar Rivera and Jimmy Molina go over a job being finished on the Duplo System 5000. (Photo by Natasha Cancinos.)

Oscar Rivera stands with one of the in-plant’s two Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 1200s.

Widchardson Gedeon cuts a job with the Prism cutter. (Photo by Natasha Cancinos.)

Group Coordinator Kelvin Diaz runs the shop’s digital printers with the Fiery Command WorkStation. (Photo by Natasha Cancinos.)

From left: Oscar Rivera, Eric Ortiz and Cordy Bryan. (Photo by Natasha Cancinos.)

George Bandy, receiving department staff member.

Oscar Rivera in his office.