A New Strategy in Minnesota

With its business changing and traditional work drying up, University of Minnesota Printing Services embarked on an ambitious self-evaluation project. The result is a new communications strategy, which will help guide the in-plant to future success.

This team of managers and sales people met for months to develop a communications strategy for University of Minnesota Printing Services. Clockwise from front left: Dianne Gregory, Bob Swoverland, Tom Lucas, Dave Hoel, Gary Stoll, Jann Jarvis, Joe Sobota and Shawn Welch.

Printing Services employees gather in the pressroom. The success of the in-plant’s new communications strategy depends on how well they adapt to the changes ahead.

Customer service representatives Gary Stoll (left) and Jann Jarvis (right) work with designer Sysouk Khambounmy to develop the in-plant’s new creative campaign. 

Art Director Shawn Welch (left) was instrumental in developing the seven-step process the in-plant went through to create its new communications strategy. With him is Dianne Gregory, executive director, General Services, who launched the initiative.