UTHealth: Adapt and Thrive

A busy offset operation with a booming digital color print business, UTHealth Printing and Media Services is a well-rounded in-plant, ready to take on any job that comes its way.

Standing with UTHealth’s six-color Heidelberg are (from left) Donna Horbelt, director; Robert Haseman, production manager; and Kelly Williams, graphics and prepress manager.

Nguyen Lee and Ray McKinney inspect a job printed on UTHealth's Xerox iGen4 90.

The in-plant’s two-color ABDick stays busy printing more than 3 million envelopes a year. Operating it here is Paul Cacciotti.

Jose Gonzales and Brenda Tillis collate and stitch a job on the Stahl ST 70 Multibinder.

Jose Gonzales cuts a post card job on the Polar cutter.

Heyward Etienne folding an eight-page form on the Stahl 20” folder.