Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry a Senior Editor at NAPCO Media and writes for In-plant Graphics, Printing Impressions and packagePRINTING.

Religious In-plants Are Publishing Powerhouses

To get their messages out to the masses, several church-based in-plants, such as those of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Church of Scientology International, specialize in very high-volume publications.

Faithful Reproduction

In-plants at religious organizations serve a higher power. They view their work as a reflection of their faith.

You Want It? This In-plant Can Do It

Nipissing University’s in-plant is called Print Plus for a good reason. It has expanded its offerings beyond printing to include an eclectic mix of value-added services.

Sixth Inkjet Summit a Big Success

Inkjet Summit’s speakers and presenters did an excellent job getting out the message that production inkjet can bring great opportuniti