ProClick Pronto automated desktop binder: single-button operation and 6-second bind cycle. Spines lie flat and can be easily opened and closed for adding and deleting pages. CC2700 modular finisher: has dual-roller system to get Color Coil spines through punched sheets. 3 adjustable spine-size settings. Built-in spine former shapes stacks. Binds documents 12" long, from 30 to 265 pages. CI12 electric finisher: turns out Color Coil presentations. Adjustable dual-roller system threads coil through punched stacks. Built-in dual crimper cuts and crimps both ends in 1 step. Binds documents up to 12" long, from 30 to 265 pages. PB2600 electric CombBind finisher: binds up to 300 presentations/hr. Pushbutton or foot pedal to open and load pages, push again to close. TL2900 high-volume Wire Bind presentation finisher: has dual load-and-crimp station. Hang the spine, load the paper and close with touch of a button. LEDs guide production of documents up to 12" long. Binds books from 40-250 pages; up to 200 books/hr. DigiCoil Color Coil inserter: binds up to 400 books/hr. in sizes up to 14x12" using 4:1 coils from 8-33mm. Setup is tool-free. LCD control panel directs operator. STL 1000 semi-automatic twin loop binder: handles most stocks including oversized covers, wraparound covers and index tabs. Binds edges up to 13" and book thickness to 1-1/8". Tool-free spool change. Digitally assisted size and pitch control. Ergonomically built with flat surface for jogging books.

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