Count Machinery

New Plant, New Gear in San Bernardino
April 1, 2014

Big changes are taking place at the San Bernardino Community College District. The in-plant there recently added new computer-to-plate, cutting and creasing equipment, and is set to move into a new facility that’s three times the size of the old one.

Green Button Technology in Print Finishing
August 1, 2012

Beginning in the mid-90s of the last century, digital technology changed the world and the printing industry along with it. This was a revolution indeed, as the devices employed by printers—while improved over time—had remained substantially unchanged over centuries.

Two in a Row 
for University of North Texas
July 1, 2011

As he sat on the edge of his seat at the IPMA awards banquet last month, watching the video that would reveal the non-offset Best of Show winner, Jimmy Friend tried to stay calm. But after seeing piece after excellent piece get eliminated until only the University of North Texas and Briggs & Stratton were still standing, his heart began to race.

On Demand Show Preview
March 1, 2010

THE AIIM/On Demand Conference and Exposition is returning to IPG’s home town of Philadelphia next month, taking place April 20-22. Some 10,000 people are expected to attend the three-day show, with hundreds of vendors planning to exhibit. To whet your appetite, IPG asked some key vendors what they plan to showcase at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Better Folders, Lower Costs
March 1, 2002

Purchasing a new floor-model folder with automation features can lower your operating costs and improve the quality of your folds. by MARK SMITH WHEN BUSINESS conditions get tight, it's natural to think about hunkering down and waiting for the market to turn around. This may hardly seem like the right time to make a significant investment in new equipment. However, doing just that can provide both short- and long-term benefits. Postpress operations are prime targets for performance improvement, since they traditionally have been labor-intensive and highly mechanical. Folding falls into that category. Purchasing a new floor-model folder with automation features can provide a big

Paper Folders - Accessories Add Sparkle
July 1, 2001

Today's folding equipment must do more than simply fold paper. In-plants want additional features to help them keep pace. by ERIK CAGLE ACCESSORIES ARE to folding machines what cherries are to cheesecake—sweet. Printers still want folders that are easy to operate, with short setup times, but auxiliary equipment for scoring, slitting, perforating, gluing and plow folding can greatly augment the humble folder. The aforementioned features are among the most requested by customers, according to Wayne Pagel, president and owner of KEPES. He believes a vacuum table that allows product sampling, and plow folds with gluing to close the product are also sought after.

Know When To Fold 'Em
July 1, 1999

When shopping for a new folding machine, consider your volume, the types of jobs you'll need it for and the unit's ease of use. Speed doesn't always matter. FINISHING IS often the difference between a prize-winning piece and one that is thrown away. Nowhere was this more evident than at the judging for the In-Print 99 contest, where a number of entries were eliminated due to poor folds. If these jobs were not up to par for our judges, then your customers probably took notice too. When looking to bring a new folding machine into your in-plant, think about your volume and what types