Mary Redmond

Making timely lease payments can become a challenge. And don't imagine for a second that lessors will forget about the debt; the leasing company contract is legal. In these cases, negotiation is the key.

Eighty percent of all companies lease equipment. Leasing can bring many benefits, including conserving cash flow and bringing an additional source of capital. Savvy lease negotiators know that lessors will negotiate financial terms and conditions, end-of-lease terms, late charges, prepayment definitions and more. Leasing has a language all of its own. We call it "Lease Speak." It is possible to decode the language, negotiate your way through the murky water and save money for your company.

In her LeaseSpeak blog, consultant and writer Mary Redmond reminds in-plants to keep track of their lease payment schedules—especially if they don't receive an invoice.

"One printing company owner told me that he thought their lease was over and they owned the equipment. Nope! Seven months after the end of the lease, an invoice arrived for seven months of rent," she writes.

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