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Sterling Coilmaster III plastic coil binding system creates plastic coil from plastic filament and automatically inserts it into the book from the first hole onward. Cuts and crimps automatically. Producing 12" lengths of coil from filament saves more than 50% and eliminates need to store coils. Angled roller for jam-free binding. Spreading device supports any size margin. Bind books with any pitch and round or oval holes in diameters up to 42mm and speeds up to 700 books/hr.

Sterling Coilmaster Jr. tabletop unit automatically inserts coil into a book from the first hole onward, then cuts and crimps automatically. Margins up to 3/16" with round or oval holes. Diameters to 25mm. No tooling required. Speeds of up to 600 books/hr.

Rilecart B-599 fully automatic double loop wire binder, with speeds of 4,000 books/hr. Inserts and crimps the wire, and delivers book onto a conveyor. Binds books from 3-1/2 x4" to 17-1/2 x19-1/2". Thicknesses from 5/16" to 1". Optional in-line punching section. Calendar machine also available. Rilecart R-422 semi-automatic double loop wire binder, with speeds up to 1,500 books/hr. Binds thick books as fast as thin ones. Wire comes through table and finds holes automatically. No need to "hang" the book. Curved closing tools. Binding length ranges from 2" to 16". Rilecart TP-480 semi-automatic double loop wire binder, with speeds up to 1,200 books/hr. Automatically cuts wire to length. Operator hangs the book and passes it past an electric eye. Wire is crimped and book is delivered onto a conveyor. Binds sizes from 2x3" to 18x16". Optional automatic cover flipper with steep conveyor, so books can be readily boxed.

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