Colorado IDS Honored as Mail Center of the Year

The State of Colorado’s Integrated Document Solutions staff.

The State of Colorado’s Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) has been selected as IPMA’s 2014 Mail Center of the Year. This award recognizes a corporate mail center for outstanding improvements in the areas of new technology, cost savings and processes. Representatives from the in-plant received their award during IPMA’s annual awards banquet in June.

“We are very honored and excited to receive this award,” notes IDS Project Manager Mike Sexson. “To be recognized by our peers and the in-plant community is truly rewarding.”

IDS offers assistance to all government entities under the State of Colorado’s umbrella.

“We play a major role as a key strategic partner to our customers in local municipalities, counties and state agencies, bringing outside-the-box thinking to solutions that benefit both our customers and the citizens of Colorado,” says Sexson.

With the United States Postal Service on the verge of mandating bulk mailers’ use of the Full-Service Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) to continue to get discounted automation postal rates, the IDS Operations team took the lead in a statewide project and found a way to not only prepare for the IMb change, but created a process resulting in government agencies working together to leverage and better utilize each other’s resources. The result is a revamped State of Colorado Motor Vehicle License Plate Renewal (MVR) program that is a great example of how in-plant mailing facilities can help government entities work with each other as mutual resources and partners to achieve a common goal. They managed to get Colorado’s state agencies and counties to step out of their comfort zones using their outside-the-box-thinking approach to keep pace with ever changing technology.

Previously, the Colorado Department of Revenue managed the license plate renewal program, and worked with the state’s 64 counties to decide which renewal cards needed to be printed and mailed each month. The department would send each county a PDF with all of the barcodes along with necessary USPS paperwork. The counties would be responsible for printing, separating, sorting, traying and delivering their cards to the post office.

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