The Rise of Workflow Automation in Wide-Format Graphics

Managing the diversity of work possible within a wide-format shop is challenging.

A New Development in the Cut-Sheet Monochrome Digital Printing Market

With Canon’s announcement of the Océ VarioPrint 6000 Titan, it’s a good time to revisit the cut-sheet monochrome digital market.

12 Reasons Why In-plants Should Attend Print 17

If you skipped Graph Expo 2016 or haven’t been to the show in a while, you may be wondering why you should attend Print 17. Here are a dozen reasons why in-plant managers should not miss this major event.

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Wide-Format Printing

Managing the diversity of work possible within a wide-format shop is challenging.

No one predicted that wide-format inkjet would open a new market for printers for signage, vehicle wraps, building wraps and more.

Digital Printing

With Canon’s announcement of the Océ VarioPrint 6000 Titan, it’s a good time to revisit the cut-sheet monochrome digital market.

InfoTrends defined the Zone of Disruption as an opportunity for products with price points below $1…

The key to winning over marketing is to understand their goals, help them achieve them, and show how you can deliver them services.

In-plant Justification

Years ago, after partnering with a vendor to implement one of the first all-inclusive copier management programs in higher-ed, I was shocked when that same vendor approached our administration with the news that we had too many copiers, too many printers and too many copy centers. 20 years later, nothing’s changed.

University in-plants are very different from corporate and other in-house printing operations. For one, their goals are different, and they can frequently shift as administrative focuses change from year to year.

Often, the VP and the in-plant manager have different perceptions of which data is important to measure and report on. The in-plant manager needs hard numbers to guide shop performance. But the VP needs to know why these metrics are important. Make sure you ask which metrics management wants to see.


The North American pulp and paper industry has made great progress in reducing energy use and…

Two Sides has published the key results of a global survey on the attractiveness and sustainability of paper and print. The following article concludes that there is a clear preference for print on paper across all countries and regions analyzed, likely indicating a more fundamental and human way that people react to the physicality of print on paper.

Today’s case is ADP, the global provider of payroll and other human resource services with operations in over 10 countries.

Binding & Finishing

Broadside accordion folds, or single sheet accordion folds on cover stock, each require scoring in the first section before the right angle fold.

Even the simplest bindery department can be a complicated operation with a mix of post-press machinery, procedures and materials. No matter how well-trained an operator or manager, it's easy to miss something that leads to a mistake. A checklist can prevent mistakes with surprising results.

Nearly all of the successful marketing strategies were inspired by ideas from outside the printing industry.


Trevecca Nazarene University’s in-plant went from an offset shop at risk of being closed to an organization that manages the fleet of printers across campus with a central digital print shop. IPG Blogger Greg Cholmondeley explores this success story.

Everyone in business, including the largest businesses, want to attract the attention of their customers and engage with them. Which is why it’s pretty surprising that there are still so many websites that break cardinal rules every day. There is a long list that could be discussed, but here are five you should absolutely avoid…

PODi’s Greg Cholmondeley explains why Canon’s PRISMAdirect integrated workflow automation package may be well suited to in-plants.


“Told you so. Now don’t try to slap us with a Stupidity Tax.” That, in essence, is the magazine industry’s response to the USPS.

Since USPS has made mailing complicated, there are many times that a design element causes a mailing to go at a higher rate of postage.

Sheetfed Offset Printing

IPG blogger Dwayne Magee takes a trip down printing’s memory lane by sharing an amusing collection of tips for printers.


In-plants often feel like underdogs. But are you unwittingly contributing to the perception that your in-plant isn’t valuable?

At the IPMA conference Howie Fenton will reveal strategies to improve your in-plant’s financial performance such as updating your costs

If you are an in-plant manager looking to grow your in-plant, you need to be certain the new services or products you are hoping to inc