Paper or Digital Bills and Statements: What Do U.S. Consumers Prefer?

Corporations should realize that digital is not welcomed by many customers. Print and paper have key benefits.

Our Carbon Footprint: How Do Paper Products Fit In?

Understanding your carbon footprint can show opportunities for decreasing your consumption of energy and materials, and in turn, reducing your production of carbon emissions. But, where might paper and print consumption fit in?

Intermountain Healthcare Saves Big with Web-to-Print

By adding Web-to-print, Intermountain Healthcare’s Design & Print Center has been able to save more than $1.3 million annually, enable HIPAA compliance and control branding.

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Understanding your carbon footprint can show opportunities for decreasing your consumption of energy and materials, and in turn, reducing your production of carbon emissions. But, where might paper and print consumption fit in?

The recent Toluna consumer survey, “Print and Paper in a Digital World,” commissioned by Two Sides, reveals interesting trends.

At a recent sustainability in higher education conference, I was certain that print and mail would be a hot topic. I was wrong.


Frisco Independent School District's in-plant turned the launch of a testimonial video into an awareness, promotional and employee-engagement opportunity during in-plant awareness month.

In-plants do much more than “just” print. Many provide variable data, text messaging, email and social media services. If customers don’t know this, they may be bringing the print component of campaigns to your in-plant and handing off the other deliverables, to other departments/outside resources. That approach fragments messaging, compromising color consistency and campaign effectiveness.

They called him “Tricky Beam.” He was my great uncle. He was a schemer. He earned his name “tricking” people out of their money.

Wide-Format Printing

Each year, EFI hosts its customers, partners, media and analysts at its signature event, EFI Connect.

Managing the diversity of work possible within a wide-format shop is challenging.

No one predicted that wide-format inkjet would open a new market for printers for signage, vehicle wraps, building wraps and more.

In-plant Justification

We live in an age of data. It influences nearly every business decision that gets made. Embracing data and analytics in your in-plant is an important way to express the value you bring — in terms that data-minded decision makers can appreciate.

Organizations where management makes unstructured, random visits to the shop floor tend to be more efficient and enjoy greater morale.

Years ago, after partnering with a vendor to implement one of the first all-inclusive copier management programs in higher-ed, I was shocked when that same vendor approached our administration with the news that we had too many copiers, too many printers and too many copy centers. 20 years later, nothing’s changed.

Digital Printing

The grapevine has been ripe the past weeks, but now the news is finally out. Fujifilm has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the majority holding of Xerox Corporation and will merge Fuji Xerox with Xerox.

With Canon’s announcement of the Océ VarioPrint 6000 Titan, it’s a good time to revisit the cut-sheet monochrome digital market.

InfoTrends defined the Zone of Disruption as an opportunity for products with price points below $1…


I attended the recent EFI Connect user conference in Las Vegas and found it to be a bit different than in previous years.

In the world of print production software there is no better example of a love/hate relationship than between print service providers and their print MIS solution. Print MIS solutions are, or should be, the one record of truth for the business which means the solution touches every function and every employee within the shop. Therein lies the problem.

Blue Valley Schools automated 86% of its in-plant's orders and saved the organization more than $1.4 million in the last seven years.

Binding & Finishing

Broadside accordion folds, or single sheet accordion folds on cover stock, each require scoring in the first section before the right angle fold.

Even the simplest bindery department can be a complicated operation with a mix of post-press machinery, procedures and materials. No matter how well-trained an operator or manager, it's easy to miss something that leads to a mistake. A checklist can prevent mistakes with surprising results.

Nearly all of the successful marketing strategies were inspired by ideas from outside the printing industry.


“Told you so. Now don’t try to slap us with a Stupidity Tax.” That, in essence, is the magazine industry’s response to the USPS.

Since USPS has made mailing complicated, there are many times that a design element causes a mailing to go at a higher rate of postage.

Sheetfed Offset Printing

This is the time of year when organizations evaluate their current position and start thinking about things that they need to change.

IPG blogger Dwayne Magee takes a trip down printing’s memory lane by sharing an amusing collection of tips for printers.


Is the contract proof relevant today? Should we stop offering hard copy color proofs altogether?


While digital print as a whole has evolved on many fronts, these three may be the most impactful for in-plants.

Using paper has the same impact on the world’s oxygen supply as using deodorant. Here are some ways in-plants can be more sustainable.