A Digital Reinvention in Grand Rapids

Standing with their new MGI Meteor DP60 Pro are (from the left) Danelle Sedore and Rachel Bower, from GRCC, and Jim Thrush, of Graphco, an MGI distributer.
Grand Rapids Community College in-plant installs MGI Meteor DP60 Pro digital press.

The demand for high-quality color printing was growing by the day at Grand Rapids Community College. The school’s 20-employee in-plant had been trying to keep pace using its two-color Shinahara press and Konica Minolta C6500, but print quality was not quite where Danelle Sedore wanted it to be.

“We have a full staff of designers here that want to be creative, but couldn’t run it on the equipment that we have,” says Sedore, director of Printing, Graphic and Mailing Solutions.

She knew the in-plant had to make a move. So in September, after months of investigating various digital presses, the in-plant installed a Meteor DP60 Pro multi-substrate digital press from MGI Digital Graphic Technology. It was purchased from Graphco, an MGI distribution partner.

“Compared to other digital options, the Meteor DP60 Pro won hands-down in terms of value for the price and the flexibility of the machine,” reveals Sedore. “We produce our own stationery, and the departments on campus needed to be able to rerun their letterhead through their laser printers. The Meteor DP60 Pro was the only digital press that was laser-safe and offered envelope capabilities, so the choice in that regard was easy.”

The new digital press represents a sweeping transformation for this 27-year-old in-plant.

“We’re actually reinventing the whole department,” Sedore explains. “We decided to convert our offset production area to a full digital production workflow.”

At the same time, the shop is implementing Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing methodologies. It is revamping its entire production area to create a smoother workflow.

Sedore says the new digital press will enable the in-plant to produce new types of jobs. In addition to traditional applications, such as brochures, envelopes, posters and flyers, Sedore and her team are excited about exploring new project opportunities such as variable data-driven direct mail campaigns and unique digital pieces, such as pocket folders.

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