E-ticketing with Hardcopy Jobs

Rochester Software Associates has introduced QDirect.SCAN Connector for eCopy Share­Scan OP. QDirect.SCAN enables electronic job ticketing with hardcopy submission directly from multi-function printers (MFPs). Users log in for accounting purposes and specify options such as duplex, stapling and paper stock. Those choices, along with the scanned documents, are transmitted to QDirect, which generates a confirmation receipt that is printed at the requestor’s MFP. An electronic job ticket is automatically created from the user entry. The resulting print-ready file can be sent to any printer in the in-plant.

Software Delivers Jobs ‘To Spec’

Quickcut has introduced QuickPrint 5, the latest version of its workflow software for preparing and delivering job files “to spec” for predictable print production. QuickPrint 5 complies with existing print industry standards. Available on both Windows and Macintosh platforms, QuickPrint 5 works with Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 2 and QuarkXPress. It enables customers to quickly create, color manage, validate and deliver properly prepared files according to the individual specifications of the in-plant. Printers can use QuickPrint 5 to check and validate incoming PDF files created in any software application against their exact specifications.

Software For Mailing

Böwe Bell + Howell has released JETS Version 3.1 enterprise management software. New features include a 3D floor-modeling capability that allows users to look at a visual model of the production floor. Also included are upgrades to job request management and the JETS alerting functionality, and the combination of the full suite of JETS software into one version.

Produce PDFs from XML

Apago’s new PDF Constructor is a document creation solution that allows users to create high-quality PDF files from XML. It was designed for companies and organizations that need to produce dynamic personalized documents for Web or print, including letters, forms, brochures, catalogs and business cards. PDF Constructor allows users to combine text, vector art, images and PDF pages into a single PDF document.

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