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Seniority Counts

December 1998

When you've been at the same in-plant as long as these folks have, you see a lot of changes.

Company loyalty may not be as prevalent as it was 30 years ago, but it's not gone yet. Around the country, scores of in-plants are being run by seasoned managers who, in many cases, started decades ago as press operators at the same shop. Like the craftsmen and women they are, they take pride in what they have built and continue to work towards making it better.

To honor some of these long-term managers, IPG conducted a nationwide search. Though we couldn't reach everyone, we still got more than we bargained for. What follows is a list of managers who have been at the same company or organization for at least 25 years. Additionally, we talked to those with 31 or more years of seniority to find out about their experiences.

IPG is pleased to honor these in-plant heroes. Their length of service testifies to the fact that they have done—and continue to do—an excellent job of serving their parent organizations.

by Chris Bauer

40 years

Ralph Sperrazza

Pitney Bowes

It was September 8, 1958 when Ralph Sperrazza started what would turn out to be a long career with Pitney Bowes, of Stamford, Conn. It has been a career that began in the mailing department and has grown into an award-winning management position.

Sperrazza, general manager of the document services division, gives the credit for his longevity to his company.

"Obviously this is a great company to keep my interest all this while," he lauds.

The top accomplishment of his career has been, "bringing forward all the new digital technology" says the 1990 IPG Manager of the Year. Especially notable was the purchase of the in-plant's Indigo E-Print 1000 digital press, which Sperrazza spearheaded.

An active IPMA member, Sperrazza has served as IPMA vice president and has been the recipient of several in-house promotional awards.

For the future at Pitney Bowes, Sperrazza sees tremendous growth, including higher volumes and better document management.

Oh, and for the ribbing he has taken about his 40 years on the job, Sperrazza has this to say: "I started when I was six years old. That's what I tell everyone who makes a comment about the 40 years."

39 years

Per Person

University of California,


It's been a long road that Per Person has traveled to get to where he is now with the University of California, Berkeley Printing Services—a road that began as an entry-level floor helper and has taken him all the way to the position of plant manager.

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