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Bringing It All Together

Since consolidating services like mail and data center printing, the State of Oregon’s in-plant has saved millions for its customers, while enhancing document security.

October 2011 By Erik Cagle
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IN A CLASSIC "Peanuts" comic strip, Schroeder confronts Charlie Brown with scores of numbers to illustrate the ineptitude of their eternally winless baseball team. He builds quite a case, and when he finally finishes recounting the team's blundering exploits, Charlie Brown offers a curt reply.

"Tell your statistics to shut up," he says.

Yes, numbers can conspire against us. But for some, statistics can be a saving grace, a lifeline and validation to support hard work and dedication. Such is the case for the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Publishing & Distribution department, where the numbers help support its value to the Beaver State. Because of that value, expressed in hard dollar savings, there is little to no talk about privatizing the Salem-based in-plant's printing and mailing operation.

Still, there is no room for complacency at DAS Publishing & Distribution, notes Debbie Gallagher, deputy for operations.

"Sometimes people think we're just Kinko's," she says of the copy shop mentality. "But we provide so much more than just a printing service."

To appease everyone's inner Schroeder, here's a brief glimpse of DAS Publishing & Distribution by the numbers:

  • The 91-employee shop boasts a $15 million budget and 70,000 square feet of operating space.
  • Approximately 60 percent of all jobs the in-plant produces find their way into the mail stream, with 2.3 million pieces of mail sent out each month. Ninety-seven percent of the materials mailed get some level of postal discount, with postage savings totaling approximately $5 million per biennium.
  • Twelve DAS trucks travel across the state delivering product to agencies, making 550 stops per day with in excess of 20,000 pounds of materials.

DAS Publishing & Distribution produces negotiable documents (titles, checks, warrants, bonds), client notices, variable data, booklets (stitched, coiled and three-hole drilled) and data center printing. It provides consultation and job planning, graphic design, electronic publishing, CD work, binding and other services. Offset work is sent out to Corrections Services or to prequalified vendors.

Using IBM Infoprint 4100s and a range of Canon digital printers (soon to be replaced with Kodak and Ricoh gear), the in-plant serves more than 1,500 customers in state agencies, cities, counties and municipalities all over Oregon. Variable data is used on a large portion of the printed materials the in-plant produces, including jury summonses for 34 counties, statements, invoices and client notices for the Department of Human Services. Its copy center handles all the general printing needs of the agencies—training materials, flyers and other informational pieces.



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