Stitching/Binding Equipment Upgrade And Bring In Business

By replacing older stitching and binding equipment with new models, in-plants are bringing new business into their shops.

by Bob Neubauer

It wasn’t the automation. It wasn’t the ease of use, either.

No, the biggest benefit the Heidelberg ST 90 saddle stitcher brought to Minnesota Life Graphic Services was new business, according to manager Tom Neckvatal.

“It opened up the doors for us to do work we couldn’t do before,” he says.

With the ST 90, the in-plant could saddle stitch 96-page books, plus covers. This meant jobs like annual reports, catalogs and manuals were now well within the capabilities of the 55-employee Minneapolis-based in-plant.

“It gave us a competitive opportunity to be in that business,” Neckvatal notes.

And new business is the key to in-plant survival.

Across the country, in-plants are finding that by replacing their aging stitching and binding equipment with modern, automated models, they can reap a host of benefits. Not only are the automated features allowing them to use lesser-skilled operators, but the newer machines are designed to offer fast makereadies, because manufacturers know short-run, on-demand work has become the lifeblood of the modern in-plant.

Neckvatal is pleased with the features on his new stitcher, like its misfeed and double sheet detectors, as well as its additional capabilities, like three-side trimming and inline cover scoring. Indeed, combining features like collating, folding, stitching and trimming into stand-alone booklet makers has become popular among manufacturers. Such machines can also be boons to in-plants, since much of what in-plants produce on their copiers and printers ends up in booklet form.

Below, you can learn more about the latest stitching and binding equipment for the in-plant market.


Stitching It Up

Tilt-back Feeder

Best Graphics offers Best Osako 368 12,000/hour saddle stitchers. The Tilt-Back High/Lo Folio model, with a full tilt-back feeder, delivers fast makeready. The 368AS AutoSet’s touch-screen provides automated control over key stitcher operations and allows chain timing and stitch head positioning to be set in 15 seconds. Previously marketed under the Consolidated name, Best Osako stitchers have been sold in North America for over 25 years and they have a three-year warranty.

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