Why Would You Listen to Me?

Look at yourself through your customers' eyes when you ask this question, then take steps to add value for them to ensure they turn to you for help.

You don’t know me. We’ve never met. You’ve never been to my department. We’ve never done business together. But we could, couldn’t we? What would I/could I/should I do to get your attention—to get you to consider me instead of the others who do what I do?

Could I offer you products at competitive or unbelievable prices? Maybe the quality of my work is nothing like you’ve ever seen before? Or perhaps the speed at which I can get the work done surprises you. Could it be my customer service: how quickly I get back to you; how easy it is to talk to me?

Are these enough? Would you want to know me now?

What if I could make you money instead of just saving it? What if I could keep you from losing your job? What if I could make you look good to your colleagues, your bosses and your customers? What if I could make your life easier so it doesn’t feel so impossible to get what you need done? What if I could challenge you to consider something different because you’re bored with the way things have been done before? Maybe you don’t agree with what I suggest but it’s the right thing to do for your customers.

Have I begun to differentiate myself from others? Are you interested in hearing about what you can do and how I can help you get it done?

My willingness to take action and ask these questions, explore the possibilities, create the plans, test the options and bring you the results can not only set me apart from others but can also make me worth your time.

Four Reasons You Might Want to Listen to Me

In-plant managers can no longer wait for business to come to them. They need to be proactive and demonstrate the value they bring if they hope to convince customers to use their services. Here are some ways you can show customers that you care about their business and want to help them succeed.

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