Kicking Your Wide Format Business Into High Gear

Sponsored by: Xerox
Speakers: Barbara Pellow, Group Director, InfoTrends; Eli Reuveni, SEO, Rubin Rid Ltd.

Your wide format business is good, but you know it could be bigger and better. You want to grow your business, but production capacity is at the max and current volumes and production space are limiting factors to growth.

Until now, healing these point points required a significant jump in technology to overcome speed and quality hurdles. As digital wide format technology advances and customer demands for speed, versioning, and personalization accelerate, the potential for wide-format growth and profitability increases.

In this webinar:

  • InfoTrends will present research from its Wide Format practice and latest study Wide Format Printing: A Critical Element in the Communications Mix
  • Learn about the key market trends to align key production and business realities with market potential across a number of vertical markets
  • Hear from a company that has taken action to shatter growth barriers and expand their wide format capabilities to profitability grow their operations

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